Flexible packaging
for the sustainability of tomorrow

We are the ideal partner for those looking for innovative, performing and sustainable flexible packaging solutions.Worldwide.

Sustainability: our
commitment, our mainstays

Nolanplastica aims to spread the sustainable development philosophy and to promote social and environmental sustainability awareness and consciousness.

From our commitment, we created Weagreen: an extensive project to seize the opportunities related to the circular economy model and which involves the adoption of best practices and the activation of dynamics of sharing values, knowledge and solutions based on the circular economy.

This is a vision that we have transferred into production, with the creation of the new Eco Twin, a line of high-performance products obtained from raw materials derived from renewable sources. This product line is designed to preserve the environment and reduce the use of virgin raw materials.

vision & mission

People empowerment
and consciousness

At Nolanplastica we believe that is essential to guarantee a safe and inclusive environment for our employees. For this reason, we nurture talent and we value diversity among our workers, promoting individual and team professional development courses.

We verify chemical, mechanical and physics characteristics of the raw materials and of the end product. Because safety to us means to offer to the market a reliable and controlled product.

Quality and Traceability

We only use raw materials of certified origin and quality verifying the chemical, physical and thermal characteristics at all stages of production processes. We ensure that all the raw materials are traced according to the transparency criteria and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Quality and Traceability

According to the European Guidelines, all our products exhibit the environmental labels. In this way, we provide our customers with proper information on traceability, product history, product handling and the raw material used.


Sustainable, safe, and high-performance
packaging solutions

The one-of-a-kind mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics of our products makes Nolanplastica the ideal choice for every packaging need. Our commitment is to find for all customers the most suitable film for size, thickness, and performance, according to the application’s needs.

LLDPE Stretch Film

Rigid Stretch Film

High Performance Film

LDPE Shrink Film

Pre-stretched film

Shrink Film

Stretch Hood

Eco Twin line


Choices of
certified quality

Plastica Seconda Vita

Ecovadis Silver 2022

UN Global Compact

Efficiency and quality, from
one side of the Mediterranean to the other

Nolanplastica is now active from one side of the Mediterranean with its subsidiary Medfilm. Thanks to the creation of the subsidiary companies of Bizerte and Menzel Bourguiba, the company has strengthened its foothold in Italy and North Africa. All the installments, equipped with high-technology machinery, guarantee excellent productions that meet the highest quality standards, in compliance with the latest protocols on environmental sustainability.


Raw materials imported from Europe


Raw materials imported from USA,
Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar


Sales to foreign countries


Domestic sales

Industry 4.0

Technology, Interconnected, Digitized

We are undergoing a process of change inspired by technology principles and digital revolution. We believe that the digitization of production processes is a turning point to make the industry more sustainable, able to reduce the amount of waste, better working conditions and at the same time boost productivity.

For this reason we strive to make Nolanplastica ever more up-to-date and interconnected. Currently, 80% of our business is involved in a digital revolution.


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Together” is the most used word at Nolaplastica since its foundation, fifty years old.

It is not only a word. “Together” is how we have arrived at the present and how we are building the future.

Giovam Battista La Marca

Nolanplastica’s President

vision & mission

The present in which
we think about the future

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progetto di investimento

We are involved in a financing project of more than 14 billion euros in partnership with Invitalia, Campania Region and the Ministry of economy and development.

Our numbers to 2023

We constantly look to the future and let our choices be guided by concrete and measurable objectives.




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