Stretch Hood

Stretch hoods are made of LLDPE film processed by blow extrusion and delivered on rolls.


Elasticity and lightness
for stable and compact packaging

The stretch hood packaging process uses the tubular film stretchability. The film is unrolled, cut and stretched taut by mechanical grippers creating a hood able to envelop pallet units keeping them stable and compact.

Functionality and quality are the main criteria we use when we customize our stretch hoods to fit clients’ requirements in order to adapt the product for the several different packaging plants. High performance is guaranteed despite dump and heat conditions.


Stretch Hood Golden
Unique Features

Nolanplastica stretch hoods are available in the GOLDEN version which holds a clamping strength three times higher than traditional one. Its extraordinary elastic properties allow it to envelope different sizes and types of palletised storage units with a reduced consumption of 30%.

• Triple clamping force compared to the traditional Stretch Hood
• Extraordinary elasticity
• Reduced consumption up to 30%

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