Quality and Traceability

Raising standards,
improving performance

Quality and Traceability

Technology that
protects the environment

At Nolanplastica, we believe that the digitalization of production processes is essential. For this reason, we started a process of change inspired by the principles of ecological technology, intending to reduce waste, increase productivity and protect the environment.

Our commitment is expressed in the choice of only selected raw materials, in the attention to carrying out pre- and post-production checks, and in investments aimed at eco-research technology: this is what allows us to guarantee to partners and stakeholders increasingly innovative and performing products.

Quality and Traceability

Attention to quality, from raw materials

We believe that the quality of the packaging begins with the selection of materials. For this reason, we only use raw materials of certified origin and quality verifying the chemical, physical and thermal characteristics, before using them in the production process.

Research and control studies of our laboratories are regular, ordinary and everyday practice both in Italy and in Tunisia. In order to guarantee packaging solutions ever safe, more sustainable and performing, our labs are constantly at work to test and process new plastic blends, using high-tech tools.

Quality and Traceability

Post-production control

Also after production, our labs constantly test the specs of Nolanplastica products. It is this way that we guarantee to our partners safe solutions that meet the highest standards of quality.

PE puncture resistance testing

Double Pendulum Dynamic Tear testing (Elmendorf)

PE Dart Impact testing

PE melt Index Testing

PE free linear heat shrinkage test

Tensile Testing (ultimate tensile strength, maximum elongation, yield strength, elastic modulus)

Puncture testing

CoF testing (Static and kinetic Coefficient of Friction Testing)

Wrap Cling film testing

Quality and Traceability

All the information
you need, on the label

We know how important transparency is. For this reason, according to the GTIN Guide Line and the European guidelines, we provide our customers with proper information on traceability, product history, product handling and the raw materials used.

Moreover, as Nolanplastica, our goal is the tracking of alla strategic raw materials used in the production process within 2023.

Quality and Traceability

A new model for traceability and safety

In the plastics supply chain, traceability is becoming increasingly important. Sustainability objectives have given rise to new paradigms in terms of safety and quality, to which the entire supply chain is required to respond.

For us, this challenge is an opportunity. To ensure efficiency and transparency, we have created solid mechanisms for controlling and managing step-by-step processes, from the supply of raw materials to their disposal.