Sustainable development and responsibility towards society: the Nolanplastica model

We choose the Environment

Sustainability, circular economy, and responsibility towards the communities we live in: on these pillars, Nolanplastica bases its work since 1975. Our approach involves the responsible use of resources, the use of traced raw materials, the reduction of our carbon footprint, and the development of the new Eco Twin Line, a line of products with high performance and low environmental impact. This is Weagreen, this is the commitment to which we work every day, ensuring a homogeneous approach in all the contexts in which we operate and always respecting international standards of sustainability.

Circular Economy Objective:
the strategy of 3R

Our production model is based on the careful consumption of natural resources, the reduction of waste, and the reuse of materials, to extend their life cycle and reduce waste products.





Corporate Social Responsibility


We are committed to a process that makes the adoption and application of the rules of sustainable development its first objective, promoting awareness towards the territory in that we live and the environment that hosts us.. The world needs to be preserved. Our ongoing effort is to research and adhere to emission compensation plans to defend our ecosystem and safeguard people’s health.


We are responsible for the collective well-being of the communities in which we operate. For this reason, we have developed a multi-year plan that contributes to their development and enhances the resources through the support of local organizations and promotes concrete actions to raise awareness towards the adoption of consumption and behavior sustainable and socially respectful.


We are committed to creating a healthy and safe working environment for our employees, inspired by the protection of dignity, the principles of interpersonal correctness, and the enhancement of diversity inside and outside the company, interracial and social inclusion. We know that people and the environment are closely related, so we encourage, even among our collaborators, the adoption of sustainable and eco-responsible conduct.


A value to Report

Our choice is to engage and constantly sensitize the people of the Nolanplastica Group, promoting among them the culture of sustainability.

To do this, we identified the themes and areas on which our choices can produce tangible results and described the strategies for the environment and the communities that inhabit it in our 2022 Sustainability Report.


Our commitment is Green

Traced Raw Material

Our goal is tracking the 100% of raw materials within 2023 and promote a supply chain in which more than the 80% of the suppliers respects the international standard of sustainability.

Carbon Management Plan

Our aim is to get low thickness film retaining high performances. Furthermore, we have developed a “Carbon Management Plan”: a strategy aimed to reduce climate-changing emissions of CO2 and offset our emissions by buying carbon credits. In 2022, we have already reduced our emissions by 40%..

United Nations Global Compact

We joined the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations pact aimed to merge corporate strategy and action with universal principles related to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and actions that advance societal goals.


research together with the CNR
of Pozzuoli

In collaboration with CNR in Pozzuoli, Nolanplastica works at NinFea project, aimed to offer packaging solutions ever more innovative and sustainable.


Eco Twin: traditional quality with low environmental impact

With the Weagreen project, we started the production of eco-friendly films with low environmental impact and reduced thickness, made using PCR plastics and raw materials from renewable sources.

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