Eco-Twin Line

High performance eco-friendly products designed to preserve the environment and reduce the use of virgin raw materials.

Our line of green products

Discover the Eco Twin product lines:

Bio Twin Line:
renewable, no longer fossil

This film is made with raw materials derived from renewable sources. Using Bio-based raw materials reduces the percentage of fossil-based ones. Biobased polyethylene products have a reduced environmental impact and preserve all the characteristics of toughness and brightness of the traditional plastic. The natural origin of biobased films makes the impact on the ecosystem of the bio twin line films less harmful than those from fossil sources and can compensate for the amount of CO2 emitted during production.

• Raw materials derived from renewable sources
• Reduced CO2 emissions
• 100% recyclable film
• Certified raw materials
• Same performance standards as traditional products

The LLDPE extensible film of our Bio Twin Line, even if produced by materials from renewable sources, keeps the same properties in terms of elongation, elastic memory, and puncture resistance, so it is the perfect material for every kind of packaging.

An excellent holding force and a huge reduction of CO2 emissions: all our LDPE products are available in the Bio Twin Line version and ensure the same efficiency, stability and strength of the traditional version.

Our LDPE stretch hoods also in the Biobased version keep unchanged their quality and functionality, giving the greatest performance with the lowest environmental impact.

Mix Twin Line:
made to be recycled

This film is made using polyethylene from industrial waste or post-consumer recycled materials. These kinds of products guarantee a sustainable end-of-life and boost the circular economy. The several percentages of recycled content of the Mix Twin line do not compromise the product performance, ensuring the characteristics of resistance, stability, and transparency of traditional films. Otherwise, that can affect the shares of greenhouse gasses emitted, helping us to significantly reduce them.

All the LLDPE Stretch Film are available also in the Mix Twin version. These film maintain the highest stability and consistency and the extraordinary puncture and tear resistance with a low environmental impact.

All the products in the LDPE line are available in Mix Twin version while ensuring the same characteristics of brightness, transparency as traditional products. The LDPE Heat Shrink Film is made with PCR or PIR content ranging from 30 to 70%.

Nolanplastica Stretch Hood Mix Twin contains 30% of recycled polyethylene. Compared to the other fossil based film, this composition reduces greenhouse gas emissions without decreasing the performances of the product.

Light Twin Line:
high performance, reduced thickness

The main hallmark of the Light Twin line is the extremely reduced thickness and the use of super light cardboard cores.

The reduced amount of packaging material produces an equivalent reduction of the amount of CO2 emissions. The more footage of rolls enhance a greater productivity and ensures a reduced number of film wraps around a pallet load and a reduction of waste disposal costs.

The reduced film thickness up to 60% ensures a reduced amount of film used to wrap a single pallet reduced up to 50%. Also, it ensures a greater load stability and a very high holding force.

Great tearing and puncture resistance and weight reduction of 70% compared with standard products. Lower material consumption leads to lower disposal costs and reduced environmental impact.

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