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Innovation of ideas,
the tradition of values


Since 1975, a lifelong commitment

Nolanplastica was founded in 1975 by Giovambattista La Marca. A solid foundation of values and a company philosophy inspired by the principles of honesty, simplicity, and discipline, have allowed our company to achieve ambitious goals, in terms of market presence and quality of services.

Today, almost 50 years after its foundation, Nolanplastica represents a reference point in the packaging market, in a national and international context, and can offer its customers increasingly innovative performing, and sustainable solutions, produced according to their needs and with minimal environmental impact.



Choices of
certified quality

Plastica Seconda Vita

Ecovadis Silver 2022

UN Global Compact

Our story

The plot of a story
written with love and vision


La Marca Giovam Battista’s Nolanplastica was born, producing poly bags for urban sanitation


The first production plant started up alongside the production of heat-shrink film for packaging


The flexible film hits the market: an innovative product widely required by the market


Nolanplastica became Nolanplastica Srl. An industrial plant started up alongside the production of flexible film for manual and automatic application


The company started exporting abroad and taking part in international exhibitions in England and Germany


The production reached 20.000 tonnes and, in that year and for the first time the export share started representing 50% of turnover


Nolanplastica Tunisia Sarl in Bizerte was born alongside the acquisition of a new production plant of flexible film by cast extrusion


The company from Srl became Spa. Extra- Europe export share started, representing 15% of turnover


Medfilm Sarl started up by the opening of two CAST production lines in the strategic area of Menzel Bourguiba. The production reached 35.000 tonnes


A process of renovation starts, promoting the reuse of post manufacturing materials following the model of circular economy


Two commercial branches opened in Lombardy and Tuscany, in the north of Italy to better meet customer needs


In the Italian plants the production of
stretch hood and the acquisition of two new extrusion plants start


A new investment plan proposal of more than 13 million euros, called Corepack, is sent to Invitalia, to the Campania region and to the MISE


In collaboration with the CNR in Pozzuoli a project of research to implement a new eco- sustainable film starts, alongside a company digital and technological revolution


The construction for the printed shrink film manufacturing has started with a new hi-tech laboratory aimed to ensure the traceability of products


Medfilm sarl expands with a new plant and two new cast lines for the production of more performing and low thickness 7-layer stretch film

Natural evolution, international development

In order to strengthen its foothold on the other side of the Mediterranean, Nolanplastica created the subsidiary companies in Bizerte andMenzel Bourguiba, two of the most significant industrial hubs of Tunisia and North Africa.

Provided with high-technology machinery, both the installments guarantee high-quality, high performing products, high competitiveness on a global market.

In this process of internationalization, the relationship of trust that we have established with our customers, suppliers, and employees has been essential.

Our plants in
Italy and Tunisia

Napoli – Headquarter
Milan – Commercial Office
Massa – Commercial Office

Bizerte – Production Site
Menzel Bourguiba – Production Site

A solid foundation of values to guide our choices

Since its foundation, Nolanplastica has been involved in a process of continuous development and improvement, powered by a solid foundation of values. Transparency, respect, and ability to innovate: these principles have allowed our company to grow over time and to keep up with the new challenges of global economic and social transformation. We have done so with one great goal in mind: to find solutions that benefit the community, the environment, and future generations.


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