vision & mission

50 years of life
on a solid foundation of values

vision & mission

Value to Human Resources

Today, more and more, companies need flexible employees, with a critical spirit, able to express their full potential. At Nolanplastica we believe that it is essential to guarantee a safe and inclusive environment for our employees.

This vision is translated into a natural propensity to enhance skills, abilities, and knowledge, recognizing the importance of identity and uniqueness in building a safe and welcoming work environment.

Putting people at the center means creating a system of energies with shared values and goals. Moreover, it means cultivating in individual employees the desire to be part of a dynamic company, driven by a strong sense of responsibility.

Vision & mission

The value of transparency to
build value relationships

We inspire our actions to the principles of fairness and transparency, both in the production processes and in the construction of relationships with customers and suppliers, adopting conduct marked by respect and mutual collaboration.

For us, transparency means ensuring a secure and guaranteed production process and building lasting relationships with partners and collaborators. In line with this commitment, we regularly monitor customer satisfaction with particular attention to complaints management and customer reports and ensure a clear, complete, and timely flow of communication.


is the most used word in Nolanplastica.
It is not only a word.

Together is how we have arrived at the present and how we are building the future.
Togetheris the method we chose to strengthen the values we believe in and it is the horizon we always gaze at when we enhance our product and services for our customers.
Together is how we met and won the challenge of internationalization. Together is what keeps all the families together, a family, like ours, made of passionate and qualified employers.

Together is how we work in our territory, boosting and offering opportunities to our youngsters. Together is how we work in order to preserve the environment, avoiding waste and reducing energy consumption.
Because “sustainability” is one of the pillars our work is based on.

Together means “trust”: the one our customers and suppliers give us everyday. Because, at Nolanplastica, we believe that the only direction a company must follow is ahead. Together!

Giovam Battista La Marca

Nolanplastica’s President

Vision & mission

Accountability, inside and outside of our company

Local Community Support

Empowerment of Internal Resources

Integration of Different Culture

Corporate welfare policy

Local football club Sponsorship

Cultural Event Sponsorship

Three-years Plan Promotion of Cultural Diversity Awareness

100% of the employees engaged in Volunteer Program by 2023


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