Research and Development

Today’s technology
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Research and Development

Quality to protect the environment

At Nolanplastica, we let our values guide research and investment strategies. For this reason, we work daily to obtain high-quality productions, ensuring adequate performance to satisfy the needs of each partner and to support the environment that hosts us.

We know that progress is made of the desire to innovate and that combining quality and respect for the environment is not just a goal to achieve, but an opportunity to seize. This is why, within our plants and for the entire production cycle, we sustainably plan the use of resources, raw materials, and energy, also applying policies to minimize our carbon footprint.

Ricerca e sviluppo

Research and Development

Competitive, around the world

Our three plants, located in Italy and Tunisia, are constantly working to verify the chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics of the incoming raw material and the outgoing product. Our products are designed to combine the latest protocols on sustainability with the maintenance of high-quality standards.

Provided with high technological machinery, Nolanplastica plants guarantee high-quality and high-performing products and high competitiveness in the global market.

Research and Development

Research that looks to the future

Exploiting the potential linked to Industry 4.0, at Nolanplastica we are engaged in a transformation process inspired by the principles of eco-technological research. This is why we invest in innovation projects, collaborating with Research Institutes and Universities in Campania.

We are involved in a financing project of more than 14 billion euros in partnership with Invitalia, Campania Region and the Ministry of economy and development.Moreover, we are leading a development contract of 80 billion euro to produce eco-sustainable, ever thinner plastic films with extremely light core and environmentally friendly printing.

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