LDPE Shrink Film

Co-extruded with blown technology, the polyethylene heat shrink film is available in various versions, including tubular, cover pallet, top sheets and shrink hoods. Its properties make it the ideal solution for multiple packaging and high-speed sealing, which requires good planarity and stiffness.


Shrink foil

This kind of film is particularly suitable for food, beverage and paper packaging thanks to characteristics like brightness, transparency, high pulling and soldering power and it is a perfect mix of toughness and stability.


Tubular film

Particularly suitable for construction packaging, fertilizer and chemical industry, the Nolanplastica tubular film both in the flat and gusseted version. This film is used on automatic pallet packaging lines or for the production of hoods or bags.


Pallet Hoods

Our pallet hoods are employed to protect palletised storage units from dust and tempering. Available on customized dimensions, these films are tubulars, packed on pallets or in pre-cut rolls. The properties of maximum resistance to external agents and puncture and impermeability make it the perfect solution for the glass, paper, ceramic and building industry.



The Nolanplastica topsheets are available for automatic and manual use, packed on pallets or in pre-cut rolls. The LDPE film line keeps unchanged the characteristic of flexibility, maximum adaptability, antistatic properties, excellent insulation. Our topsheets are the ideal solution to protect goods from dust and moisture.


No Collant

The LDPE heat shrink film is also available in the NO COLLANT version for application with no need of collant packaging. The NO COLLANT film is employed in secondary packaging when the primary packaging is in pouches or previously heat-shrinking LDPE burdens.

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